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Customized Training

Personal, Group, Executives, Companies, and Schools



Reason #1

Private lessons are the quickest way to street readiness, whether your goals and aspirations are to be great at protecting yourself in a verbal or physical attack, achieving your black belt, or enhancing your confidence levels in everyday life. 

Reason #2

You may be a busy person, and not have the time in your schedule to train at the regular class times.

Reason #3

You may not feel comfortable training with other people in the same class, as your needs are different than others.

Reason #4

Your reasons for training are unique, and you need some time on your own with a coach.

Reason #5

You experience unparalleled motivation and increased self-esteem, while receiving professional guidance and expertise.


Our coaching and consulting clients have the desire, drive, and determination to become better, and accomplish more in their life and/or business. Leadership Coaching is for anyone who dares to do the work, and step into their greatness, to create a masterful existence, and live an unbeatable life.



Looking to host a seminar at your school, gym or academy?

Sensei Derek Bindner is available for local, national and international events, and has instructed around the globe. If you are a martial arts school owner, or head instructor, and are genuinely interested, and would like information on hosting an event, contact us at the link below.

Become a Fusion Jiu-jitsu Affiliate

Contact us to find out if you are eligible for one of our 3 levels of membership affiliation. Start with a seminar in your area, where we will bring a team of instructors to help you, your students and your organization develop and succeed.

Corporate Training

“Among the most effective and interactive leadership training available for executives and teams today!…”

Empower, engage and equip your team to be unbeatable today! When team members

feel centered, energized, powerful and respected, the environment in which they function is positively charged and optimized for success. Productivity and efficiency levels can rise dramatically, and absenteeism and staff turnover significantly reduced.

Would you like to provide a useful and everlasting learning experience for you or your team? Begin with a program designed to meet a range of individual and/or group challenges.

We will meet with you to create a program that is specific to you and/or your groups needs.

Customized presentations and seminars may be commissioned upon request. Duration times for presentations may be shortened or extended as required.

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