What is Aikido?

Aikido is a sophisticated and refined, Japanese martial art that means "the way of blending with force, or energy". Aikido emphasizes self mastery training, through movement in mind, body and spirit. While Aikido improves one’s physical self-defense ability, the main focus is to bring balance to one's self, in everyday life, through repetitive training.

How Does Aikido Work?

Described as "the Art of Peace", Aikido is a martial art that focuses on proper body-mechanics and biomechanics to achieve effortless power. This means developing strong posture and balance, understanding center line, and combining mental focus with breath control for the desired outcome. Aikido is a non-violent and non-aggressive martial art, and there are no competitions, making it a very safe art to practice. People train together in mutual cooperation to learn the specific movements. Over time, practitioners experience improved health, martial ability, and an overall sense of well-being. The principles of Aikido bring clarity and purpose to one’s life. More than a way to defeat others, Aikido is a process of expanding consciousness with far reaching applications to approach the challenges of daily life.

Why Aikido Training?

Almost immediately, you will feel the benefits of Aikido training in your life. It is a path to self-mastery without comparing yourself to others. Did you ever want to study martial arts, but were intimidated, or worried about getting injured? Look no further. Aikido is the perfect martial art for professionals and executives that cannot chance getting hurt, want to learn how to defend themselves, and are looking for purposeful exercise, all in one workout. Aikido uses a ranking system to keep track of one's progress, towards the coveted black belt. Personal and private group lessons available for all ages.