Aiki-Jitsu Connection

finding common ground


The AJC is a special set of seminars that bridge the gap between Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu principles, strategies and techniques. It is intended for Aikido and BJJ students, instructors and school owners/operators (but open to all martial artists), who wish to explore the grace and power of blending these two martial arts/combat sports together.


The Aiki-Jitsu Connection seminars answer the questions that many Aikido practitioners may ask...

1)  "How can I seamlessly transition from an Aikido technique to a Jiu-jitsu technique?"


2) "How do I apply an effective technique with a non-compliant opponent?"


3) "What do I do if/when the struggle goes to the ground?"

These seminars are for students and instructors who love Aikido, and want to expand their knowledge and skill, by diving deeper into the theory, study and principles of:

  • Bio mechanics

  • Body mechanics

  • Anatomical structure

  • Off balancing

  • Blending force

  • The kinetic chain

  • Positioning and angling

  • Economical motion

  • Timing and mobility

  • Sensitivity and reactive control

  • Posture, breath and relaxing

  • Torsion and pinning

  • Dynamic tension

  • Movement and flow

Every principle and technique is taught using the Aikido philosophy of peace and non-violence, in a non-competitive environment to prevent injury and encourage comradery.


AJC S2G (Standing to Ground)

For the practical martial artist/instructor who wishes to focus on the vertical and horizontal plains. This seminar covers:

  1. How to physically navigate an aggressive person

  2. Smooth transitions from one technique to another

  3. How and when to take the struggle to the ground

  4. Escapes, reversals, escorts and takedowns

  5. Transitions, finishes and submissions

  6. Tactical movement and breathwork

AJC GW1 (Ground Work 1)

For the practical martial artist/instructor who wishes to focus on the horizontal plain. This seminar covers:

  1. Introduction to Ne Waza (ground techniques)

  2. Ne Waza fundamentals and basics

  3. Basic positions, movements and transitions

  4. Basic escapes, sweeps, passes and controls

  5. Basic holds and submissions

AJC GW2 (Ground Work 2)

For the practical martial artist who wishes to continue their study on the horizontal plain. This seminar covers:

  1. Review of AJC GW1 (mandatory)

  2. Mental and physical toughness

  3. How to protect the body from injuries

  4. Strategic thinking and maneuvering

  5. How to defend submissions and survive

  6. Basic ground grappling and flow

International and local seminars can be booked online, or by calling Bindner Academy at 519-660-0992.