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What is Fusion JIU-JITSU?

By blending the art of movement and science of self-protection, Fusion Jiu-jitsu combines the most useful techniques and ways of Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Yoshinkan Aikido, and kickboxing for an innovative and well-balanced martial art. It is a versatile and relatable practice that focuses on intercepting an opponent’s force, and redirecting that energy to neutralize aggression, without injury when possible.

a Martial Art

Fusion Jiu-jitsu, a practical martial art, was created by bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern. This sophisticated and refined training program is gentle on the body and accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Based on leverage and intelligence over brute strength and speed, it can be practiced by anyone for a lifetime of enjoyment. Besides becoming “sheepdog strong”, you will learn critical thinking, strategic maneuvering, seamless transitions, escapes, striking, throwing, take-downs, pins, restraints, chokes, joint locks and escorting techniques. In scenario-based training, both from standing and the ground, you will encounter single and multiple opponents, armed and unarmed. You will not only get into great physical shape, but you will be equipped with the skill and the ability to preserve and protect yourself, your family, and your way of life.


Fusion Jiu-jitsu is much more than a living martial art and science. It is an adventure-based personal growth and life skills training program, based on an education of moral and physical literacy, a way of being that will foster breakthroughs, and empower and inspire you to lead an unbeatable life. To embrace the Fusion Jiu-jitsu lifestyle, is to embody a life of self-mastery, discipline, confidence, courage, integrity, honour and clarity. Not only will you grow stronger in mind, body and spirit, but you will learn to be adaptable during challenging times. Fusion Jiu-jitsu is a powerful vehicle for self-transformation.

The 3 Pillars
Fusion is built upon 3 foundational pillars:

1) Family and Self-Protection

2) Movement, Health and Fitness

3) Self-Mastery and Personal Performance

How Fusion Was born
The incubation process started in 1984, however Fusion Jiu-jitsu was officially launched by creator Derek Bindner in March of 2017, after his 38 years of evaluated experiences teaching and training in multiple martial arts, combat sports, yoga, functional fitness, natural bodywork modalities, and his work in special security. The goal was to create an integrated training model that would include the most useful aspects of these disciplines, optimize living, minimize injuries, and shorten the time and energy spent on learning the essentials. The result is a powerful and applicable self-protection and movement program for the world to enjoy.

How Does it Work?

Recognizing that everyone learns differently, Fusion Jiu-jitsu employs 3 stages of training that allows students to 1) learn principle-centered movements and techniques, 2) practice and drill techniques and scenarios, and 3) test their abilities and capabilities, all the while being challenged just beyond their perceived limit. Utilizing the peace/violence continuum, Fusion Jiu-jitsu takes a positive life stance and emphasizes “an early neutralization” of harmful situations. Our practice strives to navigate adversity and conflict peacefully, ethically, responsibly, and without aggression when possible, and be prepared for violent encounters should they ever arise. Fusion Jiu-jitsu is based on employing simple, applied psychology and physics using proper body-mechanics, anatomical structure, bio-mechanics, distraction, timing, angles, leverage, interception of force, and the redirection of energy.

Fusion Jiu-jitsu takes students from beginner white belt to black belt, introducing them to new material at each level. This provides a continuous challenge both physically and mentally throughout one’s martial arts journey. Our practice is reachable to everyone, and gives students the skillset to raise their personal health, personal safety and self-protection bar.

“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” is how movement and behavior become second nature. We understand that everyone practices martial arts for different reasons, whether it be for health improvement, mental toughness, physical fitness, and /or self-protection. Our teaching methodology uses a strategic approach to learning modern psychology, with functional movement and fluid techniques. Regular students begin working with a “partner” instead of an “opponent”, to prevent injury for both participants, making it gentle on the body. This creates an enjoyable experience and fosters an accelerated learning environment for all.

Fusion Jiu-jitsu hosts an innovative, and separately designed curriculum for kids and adults, built on basic and fundamental movements and powerful self-protection techniques that can be learned over a lifetime. 

Training is delivered in a safe, fun, and supportive, family environment, suitable for all ages. Classes are small, challenging, and fun, yet respectful. We value cleanliness and safety first, featuring an open, bright space with natural lighting and a matted flooring system. Classes are taught in-doors and out, and with both traditional uniforms (gi) and in no-gi (t-shirt/rash guard and gi pants/shorts) formats.

Our Secret
Everything is about WHAT we teach WHEN, and HOW we teach it. No matter what, each technique must be useful, simple to apply, effective, efficient, universal, repeatable AND easy to execute under pressure - with no fancy or flashy moves. We believe that intelligent, refined training will lower the amount of energy the individual expends to accomplish his/her objectives.

Fusion Lab In the optional up-grade (advanced) program, students dive deeper into the principles and techniques, and have the opportunity to test their skills and abilities in a safe, live training environment, under close supervision.

Martial arts training is very powerful and life changing when the philosophy and the teacher align with the students’ values, goals, and expectations.



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