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Fusion Jiu-Jitsu



Fusion Jiu-Jitsu lives at the intersection of ancient warrior wisdom and modern practical technique. A well-rounded self-protection and movement martial art for all ages, that offers timeless, realistic and relevant solutions to modern challenges in our society today.


Using concepts and principles of leverage and intelligence over brute strength, Fusion Jiu-Jitsu is about effective problem solving under pressure. Training involves critical thinking, tactical communications, breathwork, functional movement, meditation and stretching, strategic maneuvering, positioning, escapes, striking, throwing, controls, take-downs, pins, restraints, chokes, joint locks and escorting techniques, from both standing, and on the ground. We practice with single and multiple opponents in all ranges of combat, while taking weapons into consideration. Simplified training for a complex world.


Fusion Jiu-Jitsu emphasizes an "early neutralization” of harmful situations, ethically and responsibly by employing simple, applied physics, sound body-mechanics and bio-mechanics. This is achieved by practicing proper form and alignment, anatomical structure, posture, base, distraction, timing, angles, leverage, interception of force, and the redirection of energy at the optimal distance. Students work in a co-operative environment to learn the techniques, drills, and exercises in the spirit of harmony. Bindner Academy has simplified, prioritized, and organized this complex body of knowledge into a basic, concise, safe, and straight-to-the-point training program, to focus on what matters most.



We know that the thought of having to protect yourself from bigger, stronger and armed assailants is scary, but Fusion Jiu-Jitsu is designed to help you navigate dangerous situations, and overcome your fear and anxiety, no matter who you are. Training cultivates peace of mind, inner balance, and a deep sense of preparedness in the lives of it's practitioners.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that your mind and body are strong, agile, ready and able to do whatever you command them to do. Studying Fusion Jiu-Jitsu teaches students that they can leverage their mind and body’s strength, mobility and power to accomplish things they never thought possible. Over time, consistent training increases everlasting self-confidence, humility and inner security – and that carries over to work, home, and every day life.



By integrating movement with stretching, Fusion Jiu-Jitsu uses the breath to link the mind with the body. Let’s face it, life is more enjoyable when we can move freely, without pain and discomfort. Not only will you receive the physical benefits, such as increased flexibility, stability, durability, dexterity, cardiovascular function, agility and balance, it has been proven that physical exercise also stimulates cognitive capacity. A Fusion Jiu-jitsu Warrior is capable and able to lift and carry load, run, jump, climb, and protect themselves, their family, and their way of life.


When the adult student wishes to pressure test their skills with a resistive opponent, they are invited into the "LAB" up-grade program, led in a safe and controlled environment.

Founder Derek Bindner is a lifetime learner, martial artist, competitive combat sports athlete, yoga practitioner, movement enthusiast, and led a 12-year career as an executive close protection professional and successful doorperson. He wanted to create an intelligent and fun experience that would equip individuals with effective leadership tools for navigating internal, verbal and physical conflict and adversity, while causing minimal harm to all parties. In 1997, Derek created the model for Fusion Jiu-jitsu to SUPERCHARGE his own training, then began teaching it to his existing students and the general public.


Fusion Jiu-Jitsu bridges the training gap between traditional martial arts, combat sports, and reality-based self-defense programs, while keeping true to the moral, social, and ethical code of the Samurai - Bushido.


Fusion Jiu-Jitsu is much more than a living art, sport, and science. It is an education of moral and physical literacy. A lifestyle that will foster breakthroughs, empower, and enable one to lead under pressure. To embrace the Fusion lifestyle is to embody a life of self-mastery, discipline, respect, confidence, courage, integrity, honour and clarity. You will not only grow stronger in mind, body, and spirit, but you will learn how to be adaptable during challenging times.

Fusion is built upon 3 foundational pillars:

1) Self-Protection (Mental, Physical, and Verbal Strategies)

2) Movement (Mind - body connection with flow)

3) Self-Mastery (Leadership, Mental/Physical/Emotional Control)


1) Grappling: Standing & Ground, Takedowns & Throws (BJJ & Judo)

2) Controlling: Escorting, Holds, Takedowns and Pins (Aikido)

3) Striking: Employing Offensive, Distraction and Softening Techniques (kickboxing)

4) Movement: Functional Fitness, Range of Motion, Mobility, Breathwork and Stretching

5) Mindset: Mental Toughness, Critical Thinking, and Sheepdog Psychology

Fusion hosts a structured, comprehensive, and separately designed curriculum for kids and adults, taking them from beginner white belt to black belt and beyond. This provides a continuous challenge both physically and mentally throughout one’s journey.


“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”, for accuracy, retention and minimizing the frequency and severity of injury. We believe in applying minimum effort with maximum efficiency, and simplifying training, as to not "overload" the student's working memory. We are not "technique collectors"
and believe that refined, intelligent training will lower the amount of energy the individual expends to accomplish their objectives.

Training is delivered (both inside and outdoors) in a safe, fun, and supportive, family environment, suitable for all ages. Classes are challenging and fun, yet respectful. We value safety and cleanliness, featuring an open, bright space with natural lighting and a matted flooring system. Students wear appropriate athletic gear for each specific class. This consists of both an academy t-shirt/rash guard with uniform pants, and/or a complete martial arts uniform.

Fusion Jiu-jitsu features a fresh approach to integrated training. Besides our physical self-protection training component, is our thinking and movement training. To be able to protect ourselves and others, we must be able to move quickly and efficiently for time and distance, lift and carry load, run, jump and climb.

Jiu-Jitsu training is very powerful and life changing when the philosophy and the teacher align with the students’ values, goals, and expectations.


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